The finest black truffles come from a specific part of the Dordogne region in France called Périgord. Trentham in the Central Highlands of Victoria has similiar climate and growing conditions required to produce this elusive truffle that is fondly called “black gold”. They are simply exquisite, and the Périgord black truffle variety are well known for their subtle aroma and an earthy flavor similiar to rich chocolate and are prized by chefs and epicures throughout the world. Like other varieties of truffles, the Périgord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) grows beneath the surface of the soil among the root systems of specific types of trees and develops a symbiotic relationship with those trees, in our Truffiere we have used the Evergreen Holly Oak as our host trees. With the exception of the white Alba truffle, Périgord truffles are scarcer, more desirable and higher-priced than other truffles. Within the last 100 years production in Europe of these almost incomparable delicacies has significantly reduced from previous levels due to changing climate conditions but demand among discerning connoisseurs remains justifiably strong around the globe.


The centuries-old traditional use of pigs to hunt truffles was fought with danger as the pigs had a tendency to want to eat the truffles once discovered growing beneath the trees. Specially trained dogs are now used to locate the truffles as they have an innate ability to detect truffles beneath the ground by using their acute sense of smell.

The highly prized nature of the Périgord black truffle makes truffle hunting with a dog something similar to an enchanting treasure hunt to seek out the ever elusive black truffle. We look forward to having our first harvest in a few years time as nothing will be better than hunting for (and finding!) fresh winter black truffles on a cold, crisp July day in Trentham the Hepburn Springs region of Victoria.