Winter Creek Farm is situated in Trentham the Hepburn Springs region in the Central Highlands of Victoria. This enchanting property, with its impressive rows of well established pine trees and fresh spring water creek hosts our grass fed South Devon Cattle along with our South Devon x Akaushi Cattle.

In conjunction with our cattle we have established a Truffiére (Truffle orchard). Fine French Perigord Black Truffles grow beneath our host oak trees. In the coming years truffle tours will be held where you can watch the professionally trained dogs seek out the ever elusive black truffle and quite possibly get to sample this unique fare.

We have many more exciting plans for Winter Creek Farm and over time, we look forward to sharing these with you. Be sure to visit our website regularly or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to watch it all take shape.


South Devon Cattle are highly regarded for their docility and natural marbling giving you a more succulent eat. South Devon Cattle have won numerous awards around the globe, the most recent being a gold medalist in the “World Steak Challenge” 2016.

Alongside our South Devon Cattle we have Akaushi Cattle a Japanese breed whose origins can be traced back 150 years and are the prime breed used for Wagyu beef in Japan. Unlike other cattle its muscle fibres tend to be longer and thinner, which helps make the meat more tender. The fatty acid composition is also different. Their’s a high amount of oleic acid in Akaushi beef (the healthy ingredient in olive oil). It is extremely heart-healthy.

When first crossed with South Devon Cattle you have naturally marbled meat whose eating satisfaction is truly remarkable. We have been pleased with this breeding program to date.

All of our cattle are GMO, hormone and antibiotic free. We implement sustainable and ethical farming practices, gentle and quiet handling and our cattle are 100% grass fed, the way nature intended.