From the Central Highlands of Victoria

Our Truffles

The most coveted in the world, the French Black Perigord truffle grows in the rich volcanic soil of our truffiere beneath our evergreen holly oak trees. Winter Creek Farm harvests quality truffle in Australia during the depths of winter from June to the end of August every year.

Truffle Sourcing
Heart-healthy Livestock

Our Cattle

We are dedicated to breeding modern Pedigree South Devon Cattle – easy-to-handle and highly resilient with great carcass consistency. Winter Creek Farm breeds and sells cattle that complement today’s industry demands.

Cattle Sourcing

A Brief History

Establishing Winter Creek Farm has been a formidable journey at times but absolutely a labour of love. The property had been seriously neglected for many years so we made considerable changes to the land, planting over 400 evergreen holly oaks, introducing livestock and including regenerative farming practices to evolve Winter Creek Farm into what it is today.

Winter Creek House

In a nuanced response to the landscape, Winter Creek House is a seamless reflection of the boutique farm the home resides. Along with our architects, we deeply considered how to appropriately place a house in this location in a way that complements and responds to the environment. The home draws on modernist design principles combined with subdued interiors to create one of the best set locations in Australia – it is a space that is clean, contemporary and considered – it doesn’t compete with the landscape, it harmonises beautifully with it.

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